Create Tokens

Create your own token to send and receive on the Feathercoin blockchain.

Decentralised Exchange

Trade tokens for Feathercoin directly on OmniFeather using the built in decentralised exchange.

Token Crowdsale

Create a new token via a crowdsale allowing the purchase of tokens before it goes live.

Fixed or Managed

Create managed non-fungible tokens or conventional divisible / indivisible tokens with a fixed or managed supply.

Create new tokens on the OmniLayer for Feathercoin

Create a token that can either be indivisible or divisible up to eight decimal places. Define a the total number of tokens, token name, category, subcategory, URL and some additional text based data that can be used for things like Proof-of-Existence data.


Non-Fungible, Fixed, Managed or Crowdsale Issuance

Tokens can be issued in several different ways. Non-Fungible issuance lets you create tokens with a unique identifier and grant data set permanently on issuance of the token. Additional issuer and holder data fields can be updated later at any point by the issuer and holder respectively, giving the tokens a changeable state.


As a fixed issuance where all of the above including the number of tokens is set when the token is first created. A managed issuance starts without creating any tokens, these are issued later to addresses by the issuing address.


Crowdsale issuance allows for pre-sale of tokens before they are available on OmniFeather. In a crowdsale issuance the token desired for investment is defined, for example the token FEATHER, the number of properties per token required, deadline for the crowdsale, early bird bonus and the percentage of tokens for the issuer.

Decentralised Exchange

OmniFeather has a Decentralised Exchange built directly into the protocol allowing trading of tokens directly on the Feathercoin blockchain without having to use an external service. Trading of tokens is paired with the native asset feathercoin. A seller will create a offer to sell tokens for feathercoins, a buy will send an accept offer and then send the feathercoins to pay for that offer and after will receive their tokens.